I feel you

You ́re looking for me today. 
You know where you can find me. 
It sounds like a good plan 
shut down or brains for a while. 
I ́ll calm dow a little bit. 
Turn onmy eyes again. 
But when i see your face, 
I go on another trip. 

What do you want? I want you 
What do you feel? I feel you 
It ́s inside me. 

After what, felt like a week, 
we came back exhausted. 
And all the things, that we did, 
everything was so crazy. 
I think i might get some help, 
I need my brain to be fixed. 
But it ́s the soul that you ́ll take 
It ́s my soul i wanna keep. 
It ́s inside me